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We are blind until we see,
That in the human plan,
Nothing is worth the making,
If it does not make the man.

Why build these cities glorious,
If man unbuilded goes?
In vain we build the world,
Unless the builder grows.

Edwin Markham






Physician candidates please submit your curriculum vitae and any professional or personal information relevant to your search for a new practice position, and then follow up with us on the Contact Us section of this website for confidential, personalized assistance by our search consultants. Thank You!


We offer Physicians and Client organizations personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry.

Recruiting Excellence Since 1997

Over the years, Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC, a non-franchised recruitment firm, specializing in Physician Recruitment, has built a reputation for quality, specialized service. As our company has grown and increased its reach, we have maintained a commitment to high performance and unsurpassed industry knowledge. We offer Physician Candidates and Client companies personal service, confidentiality, and the most ethical, professional standards in the recruiting industry. As a result, we have placed hundreds of Physicians and other individuals in positions at Hospitals, Medical Centers, Single Specialty and Multispecialty Groups, Community Health Centers and Clinics, Managed Care Organizations and Academic Medical Centers Nationwide.

Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC does much more than merely match candidates to job openings. We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect, and we interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the practice opportunity (job) and culture offered by our clients. Our recruiters stay actively involved through the client interview and follow-up. Our objective is to launch long-term, successful relationships between the individuals we place and our clients.

The Standard in Staffing and Recruitment

Your mission is to attract, hire, and retain top talent. This critical function determines the long-term success of your organization. Choosing the right search firm is of equal importance as you need one which makes the entire recruitment process more effective, efficient, manageable and rewarding. While we are national in scope, we stringently maintain a set of core values:

Integrity, Quality, Teamwork and Speed.

The strength of our industry and functional expertise, coupled with our desire to provide premier customer service and personal attention, allows our clients the opportunity to experience these values.  Every search is different and each client's needs are different. ChaseMcKewen understands the intricacies of your needs as well as the needs of our candidates. Thus our process is tailored to the specifications of the search, and as each search differs, so too does the process.

Whether you are a client organization interested in hiring the best Physicians in your niche market, a candidate looking to make a career move or someone considering a career in recruiting, we invite you to take a closer look at ChaseMcKewen. We have a great deal to offer.

"Our recruiters' industry and functional knowledge make us a tremendous resource to our client and candidate customers."


The Strength of Experience

Over the years, CMA has built an extensive referral network in each of its specialty niches. Our recruiters use personal contacts, not just advertising, to find the best candidates to fit our clients' needs. This approach leads to long-term relationships between our clients and the candidates they hire. We are proud of our tremendous tenure and low turnover at ChaseMcKewen. All of our original managing partners with a 100% retention rate of staff since we began. Managers cultivate their people for longevity, and clients appreciate knowing their recruiter will be there to serve them in the future.

National Scope, Superior Reach

With affiliate offices nationwide and a commitment to future growth, ChaseMcKewen's size and reach work to our clients' and candidates' advantage. Our affiliates form an integrated national network, routinely tapped by CMA recruiters who leave no geographic stone unturned in delivering the finest candidate for a client's position. For candidates, CMA recruiters offer established relationships with organizations across the country. CMA can meet your staffing and/or career needs, regardless of your location or staffing demand.

Recruiters Who Know The Right Candidates

When searching for candidates, we don't just get to know those candidates interested in making an immediate career move. We build and maintain an extensive database of professionals satisfied with their current position but open to opportunities that will allow them to achieve their ultimate career goals. As a result, CMA identifies properly motivated candidates who choose to make positive, well-considered moves toward superior opportunities.


To better serve clients and candidates, CMA organizes the many niches in which we recruit into functional specialties, as well as in geographical divisions.  Below are some of the standout specialty areas which represent a majority of our client caseload.  However, CMA is regularly sought after to conduct niche and subspecialty searches.


• General
• Geriatric
• Child and Adolescent

Primary Care
• Family Practice
• Internal Medicine

Surgical Subspecialties
• Orthopedics
• Neurosurgery
• Cardiothoracic
• Cardiovascular
• General Surgery
• Neuroradiology
• Cross Sectional
• General Diagnostic

Medical Subspecialties
• Cardiology
• GI
• Hematology/Oncology
• Nephrology
• Pulmonary Medicine
• Rheumatology

• Interventional
• Musculoskeletal
• Body Imaging
• Ultrasound
• Mammography

Outside of the functional and specialty disciplines listed above, we do specialize in several other areas. Please contact us for more information at info@chasemckewen.com .

Graduating Resident and Fellow Search: Cutting Edge Recruitment

Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC is well positioned in the recruiting of Graduating Residents and Fellows seeking their first position after training. CMA has the right people in the right places to take advantage of opportunities and offer clients and candidate superior service.

Most of CMA recruiters are well connected with the training programs in their areas of specialization and functional expertise. Many have experience working in the healthcare area and know the ins and outs of the profession well. On average our company's recruiters have 6 years experience in the physician search field. They have established solid client relationships and use their technological capabilities and national reach to outperform competitors.

ChaseMcKewen specializes in national placements via retained and contingency searches for Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, Single and Multispecialty Group Practices, HMO’s and Managed Care Organizations, Specialty Hospitals and Clinics as well as Community Mental Health Centers.

Military, Public Health and International Medical Graduate Search:

A Proven Recruiter Of Military, Public Health Physicians & Outstanding IMG’s.

With a professional and talented recruiting staff, ChaseMcKewen’s Military, Public Health and IMG recruiting efforts are valuable sources of leadership & medical expertise for our hiring clientele.  Our experienced recruiting specialists have extensive healthcare contacts and have successfully guided the careers of hundreds of transitioning Military, PHS and IMG’s in the US and Canada for years.  We screen thousands of these candidates annually and select the very best for our Clients.

Many of our placements result from attendance at Specialty Meetings, Conferences and Trade Shows and Residency Training Speaking Engagements that we participate in across the country. These powerful and efficient recruiting events match client needs and candidate qualifications to create positive and productive interviewing experiences for both parties. We enjoy meeting out candidates and clients and getting to know them personally as well as their families and spouses.

Read on for some satisfied Candidates and Clients comments about Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC.


What did you like best about ChaseMcKewen?

"Professionalism; timely follow-up and contact throughout the process; sensible interview advice and preparation."

"They (CMA) had previously worked in my industry which allowed them to provide better insight and a more efficient search given they understood my needs."

"ChaseMcKewen has a responsive staff that has your best interest in mind."

"They let me make up my own mind. I had little, if any pressure."

"Although they did not place me, I would highly recommend them to any of my colleagues. ChaseMcKewen was most interested in my making a good decision for myself and my family. The fee that they would have gotten was in fact secondary, a rare quality".

"CMA presented itself more professionally than most recruiting firms."

"Very fast response time to my resume as well as all other inquiries, a personal approach and they took the time to find out my needs and requirements."

"Lots of practical, useful information, well informed, a pleasure to work with".

"Chase, McKewen & Associates is a first class operation all the way. Most others I worked with reminded me of used car salesmen. Filled with information, advice and facts. Very little sales at all".

"They presented me with only two opportunities that met my needs. I interviewed at both and selected the first one as the other was my safety job. Saved me a lot of time and effort. They really know their stuff."

"ChaseMcKewen is significantly different from most of the search firms we have used. CMA consistently presents qualified candidates while providing superior client service. CMA's level of professionalism is unmatched in the market. I feel extremely comfortable with CMA representing our Group to candidates."

"I would have to say the personnel of ChaseMcKewen really sets the bar in the industry. They are courteous, professional, responsive and attentive. They know their industry and won't waste your time by sending you on a worthless interview."

"CMA had great screening. I knew that any candidate that we saw would be interested."  Human Resources Manager

"ChaseMcKewen is a top class firm that offers a professional and personalized service that we will continue to utilize."  Chief Operating Officer

"The task of finding the most appropriate recruitment firm to assist in your search is daunting. It is a process of careful selection and attention to detail."

Do Some Research

When your mission is finding a search firm, the first step is research. The easiest place to do this is online. Use search engines to find "Physician search firms," or "Physician Recruiters" and look through your query's results. First impressions are important. Is the firms website attractive, up-to-date, etc.. Does it have significant content and useful information? From here, start looking for information about the firm. Take notes on details such as client lists, firm size, industries and functional areas in which they specialize, and geographic areas in which they operate. After taking note of these items, ask yourself:

Does this search firm specialize in the area and have functional expertise in the discipline in which I am looking to hire? As an employer, do their recruiters focus on my needs? Do they claim to attend to my questions and other needs promptly and in an efficient matter? Will they make concentrated attempts to understand the needs of my organization? And, will candidates they present be highly qualified and interested in the open position?

While browsing the search firms website, be ready to ask questions through their contact form or contact e-mail address. Make yourself available to speak with them by telephone immediately. Fill our their contact form. Investigate their recruiters by posing questions regarding their expertise and experience.

Experience, Reputation and Size

Finding the a good balance of experience and size is critical in your search for a recruiting firm. There are large, national firms whose senior recruiters closely manage high-level searches, but delegate others to junior staff. Ask the recruiter if he or she will be working with you throughout the entire recruitment process. Also, many of these large firms have restrictions that disallow them recruiting from several organizations. This limits your access to the best candidates.

Looking at the opposite extreme in regard to size, small firms do not often have access to the networks and resources that larger firms possess, thus limiting their ability to present the most qualified candidates. Many are new search firms that are inexperienced and do not yet have effective networking and researching systems in place. Thus many turn simply to e-recruiting, taking a clients job orders and trying to fill them through searching online job boards. You're most qualified candidates cannot be found through this methodology because most top-performers do not post their resume online leaving you with candidates who are actively looking for a job. When looking for quality talent, this route is one to avoid.

Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC is a nice balance of size and experience, a firm with over 7 years in the Physician search and staffing industry. Maintaining a focus on personal attention to clients needs, ChaseMcKewen possesses the strength of a national presence, years of networking in specific industries and functional areas, and the resources to ensure that no stone is unturned in your search.


Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC
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