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We are blind until we see,
That in the human plan,
Nothing is worth the making,
If it does not make the man.

Why build these cities glorious,
If man unbuilded goes?
In vain we build the world,
Unless the builder grows.

Edwin Markham


Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC is proud to extend to all physicians and healthcare employees an opportunity to actually PROFIT from your relationships with your physician colleagues!  Refer them for new practice opportunities!  If you know of a high-caliber physician either actively or passively interested in new practice options in the marketplace, then by all means refer them to CMA!

If your referred physician colleague becomes an active candidate with CMA and actually accepts and starts a practice opening represented through Chase, McKewen & Associates, LLC - then we will gladly cut and mail you a check for $1,000!!  It's that easy!  Sorry doc...no self-referrals please!

Simply Click Here to notify CMA of your physician candidate referral.  Be sure to include any pertinent information about the prospective candidate's professional and personal circumstances along with the appropriate contact addresses, phone numbers, and emails for both yourself and your referral.  We will log your referral and your contact information.  You may remain anonymous through the referral process.  The physician candidate need not know you referred him/her to CMA!

We will contact you and subsequently mail you your referral fee bonus of $1,000 on the starting date of your referral's new practice.  There is no limit to the number of referrals you may submit to CMA.  Our only stipulations are that the candidate has some interest in practice prospects out there and that the candidate is competent and in good standing with the medical community in your area of the country.

So refer away!

Thank You!


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